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More than 2,400 products exported to China

Vietnam due diligence, according to the latest statistical information, China has granted 2,426 product codes to Vietnamese enterprises to export to the world’s most populous market. Order 248 and Order 249 of China, Vietnamese enterprises that want to

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JPMorgan opens e-wallet for cryptocurrencies

News from JPMorgan, JPMorgan set up an e-wallet for cryptocurrencies. Vietnam due diligence service, the company is also preparing to provide money transfer, exchange, and payment processing services for cryptocurrencies. JPMorgan Chase has registered and patented the “JP

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Russian banks are short of gold bullion

Because people’s demand for gold bars increased sharply, so the volume of gold bars was not enough to meet the buying demand. This information was said by experts on October 25, 2022. Andrey Vasiliev, who works at Uralsib

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Russia’s crude oil revenues plummeted

Company due diligence services in Vietnam – Low oil prices and falling oil exports caused Russia’s oil revenue in September to drop by $3.2 billion to $15.3 billion. The sales were Russia’s lowest month of crude oil earnings

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