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Thang Phung Viet is an expert in the field of business administration. Thang has 18 years of experience in handling business problems, especially in the field of information search and verification. He is also good at handling issues inside and outside the business, verifying and appraising legal information of the business – Due diligence service in Vietnam.


Scientific work process, experienced staff. We are committed to providing effective due diligence and business screening services.


Services provide an absolute commitment to information security. We have signed NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with Client if required.


Our team of experts strives to do the job as quickly as possible, fully meeting the commitments on the committed deadline.

Due Diligence Investigation Vietnam

PI Vietnam Co., Ltd. is a leading company in Vietnam providing business due diligence and screening services. We are a company with 15 years of experience operating under corporate law in Vietnam. The team is 100% Vietnamese. PI Vietnam was established and operated in Vietnam, using our due diligence service means you get direct support from Vietnamese.

Corporate due diligence in Vietnam – Why should you use business due diligence service and business screening service? Due diligence is an essential process utilized by companies and private equity firms to evaluate a potential merger or acquisition or to conduct an investment process. The business due diligence process helps you avoid potential risks.

Vietnam due diligence – Buyers will conduct due diligence on a target company to confirm the accuracy of the seller’s claims, mitigate risk and garner deep insight into the operations, prior to committing to the deal. While the investigative process is painstakingly extensive, can help prevent costly surprises later on and increase the chances of M&A success.

PI Vietnam is a boutique consultancy that specializes in bespoke "Due Diligence Investigation" and discreet "Business Referral". Using our due diligence service, is a customer who receives 100% support from Vietnamese people. We are committed to providing efficient and honest due diligence service in Vietnam.

Jobs List

1. Personal information check (ID, full name, address)
2. Business ownership (shareholding/ directorship info)
3. Local media review (business track records/ past employment/ adverse information/ violation incident…)
4. Litigation/ Bankruptcy checks
5. Social media checks. Political connections
6. Open source searches (sanction list, wanted list etc)
7. Source reputation inquiries, secret interviews
8. Site visit, visit the construction site & discreet enquiries
9. Company financial statements
10. Asset searches. Deep web and dark web searches


1. All information is truthful, accurate and official
2. The quoted document is the official document of the state management agency in Vietnam
3. Corporate documents are published documents or documents that are allowed to be published
4. Unverified information sources are for reference only based on news sources, social networks.
5. We make reports fully, transparently and accurately in accordance with the law in Vietnam.
6. All information in this report complies with information and privacy regulations in all cities in Vietnam.

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Payment Method

We accept payment through the following methods:

  1. Cash payment, payment via bank transfer
  2. Pay via Western Union, Wise, MoneyGram, Xoom (a PayPal service) or PayPal:
  3. We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies. We provide full contract and legal invoice.

Corporate Due Diligence & Business Screening Service

General information: Examines general records and the business plan to understand the corporate structure and standing of a company. This broad initial step sets the stage for the more in-depth and targeted due diligence investigation.

  • Articles of incorporation; Corporate bylaws and any amendments; Minute book (containing ownership and board meeting minutes); Certificate of good standing;
  • List of subsidiaries and any other entities in which the company has an equity interest (i.e. partnerships and joint venture agreements); Vietnam due diligence service;
  • On-demand site visits. The service of visiting a specific location, a factory, a warehouse or a partner…
  • All jurisdictions where the company is authorized to conduct business; Any documents relating to reincorporation or restructuring; Detailed and overall assessment of a business.
  • Business plan (executive summary, market analysis & plan, operational plan and complete financials).

Commercial Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence aims to review a target company’s commercial attractiveness with focus on the market position of its products and/or services. It is typically conducted before a company makes a decision to acquire or buy the shares of another company. Commercial background checks help businesses make informed decisions and reduce potential risks.

Reputational Due Diligence

Reputational due diligence is conducted by companies to identify the reputational risk associated with potential partners, suppliers, customers, investors before they engage in a new business relationship/ prior to an acquisition. It is common that reputational background check is part of a wider due diligence process encompassing financial, commercial, legal due diligence.

Integrity Due Diligence

Integrity due diligence is gathering and analysing information about a company’s exposure to legal, corruption and regulatory risks. It is usually undertaken by companies to mitigate those potential risks presented by third parties through the gathering of information, which encompasses background check, litigation check, global sanctions check, and reputation check.

Human Rights Due Diligence

Business screening: Due diligence on human rights focuses on risks to people. Aims to provide better visibility into how human rights are valued in an organization’s value chain. Human rights due diligence can help reduce the risk of business disruption due to potential labor unrest, high employee turnover, lower productivity or performance, and possibly reputational damage.

Customer Due Diligence

Customer due diligence is conducted to obtain information about a customer that will enable an organization to assess the extent to which the customer exposes it to a range of risks. These risks include money laundering, terrorism financing, and politically exposed person. The absence or inadequacy of CDD standards can subject an organization to serious risks pertaining to reputational, operational, and legal risks.

Employee Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence service – Know Your Employee (KYE), also known as employment background screening,  provides thorough information about a candidate and verifying the validity of his/her claims. KYE prevents a company/organization from bad hiring. Our screening team can enquire about a candidate’s personal identity, credentials, financial information, integrity, as well as conduct health & drug tests.

We are investors from the US, wishing to learn and invest in a company in Vietnam. We used the business due diligence service at PI Vietnam. We are satisfied with the work results, fast work time and reasonable service prices. The team of Vietnamese experts at PI Vietnam is experienced, helping the work to be completed on schedule - John Doe


Why Choose Us - Due Diligence Vietnam

Timely and Response: Corporate due diligence service in Vietnam, due diligence service investigation in Vietnam. We take the needs of our customers carefully. Receive detailed requirements to understand the requirements, to satisfy those needs. Depending on each specific case, we are committed to handing over the results as quickly as possible. 

Vietnam due diligence service agency – We regularly communicate with our customers and provide updates and feedback. We usually respond immediately by phone or text. Emails will also be responded to in 15 minutes.

Specialize & Experience: We have highly trained and experienced professional investigators and investigators along with a team of diligent, creative employees. Vietnam due diligence – We pay close attention to efficiency and details when conducting investigations and writing reports to ensure all work is complete, error-free and nothing is left out.

Due diligence service in Vietnam, Vendor screening solutions, our investigators have 5 – 15 years of investigative experience, specializing in personal information and corporate and legal investigations. With our competent, efficient and knowledgeable team, you will receive in-depth information that will satisfy your requirements.

Work result: Our job is “Search – Observe – Record – Report”. The report is presented clearly, coherently and convincingly. Our information contains only facts, no opinions, no assumptions and no biases. Vietnam due diligence services – The report on the results of the business due diligence process is presented clearly, accurately and honestly.

Vietnam corporate due diligence & vendor screening solutions in Vietnam. We carefully plan and execute every investigation. We provide our clients with a quality work product that communicates facts succinctly and clearly. Vietnam due diligence service – Information is provided by detailed photos and videos, direct or indirect interviews, site visits…

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