Bulk goods are suspected to be fake in Thanh Hoa

Information from the Market Management force and the Police of Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam – These agencies have inspected 5 warehouses with an area of ​​80-100 m2 in To Vinh Dien street, Bim Son town, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam. .

There are more than 12,000 products with many signs of violation, suspected of being fake or imitation goods.

Most of the products have signs of counterfeiting many famous brands such as Channel, Gucci, Kenzo…

This quantity of goods does not prove the legal origin. All goods have been sealed and seized.

Due diligence Vietnam – The remaining goods in the warehouses will continue to be counted and classified.

The owner of the facility containing this amount of goods used 2 accounts “Nguyen Thao” and “Ntthaolasortie” to post sales and livestream products.

The above two accounts have been temporarily locked, the monthly sales of this warehouse is billions of dong.

The case is still under investigation – https://vietpi.com