Dragon Capital buys 2 million Sacombank shares

Information from Dragon Capital – This organization has net bought an additional 2.1 million shares of Sacombank, which means that this organization has increased its ownership ratio in Sacombank to more than 6%.

Saigon Thuong Tin Bank (Sacombank) has just reported a change in ownership of a group of related foreign investors who are major shareholders.

Information said, on June 29, two member funds of Dragon Capital, CTBC Vietnam Equity Fund and Norges Bank, bought 2 million and 300,000 shares of Sacombank’s STB, respectively.

Samsung Vietnam Securities Master Investment Trust (Equity) member fund sold 200,000 STB shares.

After a net purchase of 2.1 million shares of STB, 11 member funds of Dragon Capital group hold more than 114.8 million shares, equivalent to an ownership rate of nearly 6.09% in the bank.

Each STB share was priced at 22,350 VND on July 4, 2022, this stock has increased by nearly 20% compared to the session on June 20.

In March, Dragon Capital group raised its ownership rate in Sacombank to over 5% and returned to be a major shareholder for the first time.

This fund is currently a major shareholder in VPBank and holds a large number of shares in MB and ACB.

By 2022, Sacombank aims to increase its credit balance by 12% to VND 435,000 billion and the bad debt ratio to be below 2%.

Total assets reached 573,000 billion VND and mobilized capital reached 512,700 billion VND, both increased by 10%.

The target profit before tax of this bank is 5,280 billion dong.

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