Vietnam: Petrol oil prices down 3,000 VND per liter

Information from the authorities in Vietnam – From 0:00 on 11/7/2022, each liter of gasoline will reduce the price from 3,090-3,110 VND, oil will reduce 800-3,020 VND per liter.

Vietnam due diligence services – In previous cycles, gasoline prices were adjusted every 10 days.

At the operating period on July 11, 2022, the price was announced earlier due to the effect of reducing environmental protection tax.

The price of gasoline E5 RON 92 is 27,780 dong (down 3,110 dong), RON 95-III gasoline is 29,670 dong (down 3,090 dong) per liter.

Diesel is 26,590 VND per liter, down 3,020 VND.

Kerosene has a new price of 26,340 VND, down 2,010 VND.

Fuel oil also dropped to 18,920 dong per kg, down 800 dong.

The executive agency deducts 950 VND per liter of gasoline into the price stabilization fund. Diesel is charged 550 VND per liter, while kerosene is 800 VND and fuel oil is 950 VND per kg.

Petrol prices are reduced environmental protection tax. Each liter of gasoline is reduced by 1,000 VND, oil products are 500-700 VND per liter.

For kerosene, the environmental protection tax rate remains at 300 VND per liter.

Environmental protection taxes on petrol prices are also reduced in order to keep petrol prices down.

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