JPMorgan opens e-wallet for cryptocurrencies

News from JPMorgan, JPMorgan set up an e-wallet for cryptocurrencies.

Vietnam due diligence service, the company is also preparing to provide money transfer, exchange, and payment processing services for cryptocurrencies.

JPMorgan Chase has registered and patented the “JP Morgan Wallet” by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

JPMorgan continues to delve into providing digital currency and Bitcoin services to a group of customers in need.

JPMorgan will provide services related to transferring digital currency on the blockchain (blockchain), exchange services, digital currency payment processing including credit card and digital currency payment processing.

JPMorgan’s e-wallet also handles cross-border payments such as foreign exchange payments in different currencies.

The JPMorgan e-wallet brand was approved on November 15, 2022. JPMorgan has filed a trademark application since July 2020.

CEO Jamie Dimon once opposed cryptocurrencies, JPMorgan is still getting more and more involved in this field. Since 2017, the CEO of JP Morgan has always maintained a stance against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

However, co-chairman Daniel Pinto stated that JP Morgan is open to getting into Bitcoin and crypto if demand increases.

JPMorgan together with Fidelity Bank and Bank of New York Mellon provide crypto-related services such as payments and exchanges.

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