More than 2,400 products exported to China

Vietnam due diligence, according to the latest statistical information, China has granted 2,426 product codes to Vietnamese enterprises to export to the world’s most populous market.

Order 248 and Order 249 of China, Vietnamese enterprises that want to export goods to this market must register and be granted a code for monitoring, at the request of the authorities.

Mr. Ngo Xuan Nam said that up to now, China has granted 2,426 product codes to about 2,000 Vietnamese enterprises to export goods.

51% of the codes are registered through the competent authority, the rest are self-declared enterprises through the online system of China Customs.

The most licensed products and fisheries sector with 802 codes, followed by nut products such as cashews, coffee, and vegetable oils, Vietnam due diligence.

However, many businesses have not studied the above two orders, so the implementation is still confusing, causing slow customs clearance.

The representative of SPS Vietnam office also noted that Chinese businesses are increasingly setting high standards for agricultural products and food.

Due diligence in Vietnam – Accordingly, the country has changed 10,092 the maximum allowable residue levels of 564 pesticides in the list of 376 foods.

China has also issued 36 national food safety standards, so exporters need to pay attention to not be entangled by these regulations.